GGD Amsterdam offers HIV self tests [VIDEO]


Completely anonymous, fast and easy HIV tests? For a limited time, GGD Amsterdam is offering an HIV self-testing service via The test is simple, no blood sample necessary, with results visible in just 20 minutes.

Oral fluid test
The test that the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) is offering is the OraQuick In-Home HIV test. This test works using an oral fluid sample. This test is already being sold in the United States, but is – except for research purposes – not yet available on the European market. The test measures antibodies to the HIV virus in oral fluid. The test can detect HIV infections acquired three months or longer ago from the test date. Any infections incurred more recently than three months will not show up on the test.

Why an HIV self-test?
The GGD Amsterdam is doing this for two reasons: Firstly to make the HIV test as easy as possible and to get people to test for HIV earlier. The second reason is to offer a good alternative out of the many online home-use tests available: tests for which the quality is often unknown or who are being sold without any accompanying detailed information. The OraQuick test has been carefully selected by GGD Amsterdam as the most reliable and easy-to-use HIV home-use test that is currently available.


The home-use test costs €29,50 and includes detailed information, a test kit which is sent to you discretely, online, automated instructions for the test and an explanation of your test results. Our clients’ privacy comes first. The test can also be purchased at various locations in the Netherlands, avoiding the need to disclose any postal address, and allowing to pay with cash (just follow the steps under ‘order an HIV test’ at

Available for a limited time
The self-testing service via is only offered for a limited time since it is provided in the framework of a research project. This research focuses on usability, feasibility and acceptability of the HIV self-testing service. It is currently the only official way for obtaining the test in the Netherlands. All that you might notice about the research study are a few questions on the website. We hope that you decide to answer these anonymous questions, to allow us to perform this important study. is an initiative of the GGD Amsterdam in collaboration with the Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre, the Public Health Service (GGD) of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, SOA AIDS Netherlands and the HIV Association Netherlands. The project is funded by ZonMw.

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